Over 200,000 Deaths Due to Coronavirus

When I wrote the last post in March, there were 163,705 confirmed cases and 3,402 deaths. Less than a full six months later there are 6,754,321 cases and over 200,000 deaths! I can remember when I first heard that there could be 100,000 to 200,000 deaths due to this pandemic in the U.S., and that is when the reality of this thing hit me.

On Lockdown and Practicing Social Distancing

As anyone in the world knows now, the U.S. is really ramping up our number of cases and deaths from the coronavirus, and according to the scientists it's going to get a lot worse. Predictions are 100,000 or 200,000 deaths as a best case scenario if we continue to remain at home and practice social … Continue reading On Lockdown and Practicing Social Distancing

Ultrasonic Rodent Control

One thing we didn't have to deal with in Nevada and never had a problem with was rodents, whether it be mice or rats. Here in the Northwest, they are much more abundant and will get into almost everything. Not long after getting into our house we noticed that something was chewing on the insulation … Continue reading Ultrasonic Rodent Control

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Podcast

There are a few podcasts I listen to every week, and those include TWiT (This Week in Tech) by Leo Laporte, and MacBreak Weekly, also hosted by Leo and on the TWiT network. All of the TWiT podcasts come in many formats and you can choose whichever you desire. Other podcasts on the TWiT network … Continue reading Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Podcast

Rain and Temperature Data for 2018

Last year I posted the rain and temperature data for 2017, our first full year here in the northwest. That data can be found here. The 2018 data is listed below. Overall, we had less rain in 2018 than in 2017 and it was slightly warmer in 2018. The average rainfall for Hansville is 33" … Continue reading Rain and Temperature Data for 2018