The First Post

This is my first post on our new web site, titled “Serenity Now”. For any Seinfeld fans out there you will recognize this phrase from one of their episodes (the 3rd episode of the 9th and final season). See a snippet from the episode here on YouTube. The phrase goes Serenity Now, Insanity Later.

The house we put an offer on about a month ago finally had the appraisal come through and we will be closing on August 10th. All of our household goods are still in Fallon, so we will have to get all of that here eventually. But before we do that, we are going to do some painting, having some of the carpet replaced, and we will be installing over 1,000 square feet of laminate flooring, so there is plenty of work that needs to be done before we get the household goods. We already have the paint, and the carpet is on order, but we still have to get the flooring and do the hard part, placing it.

The house is in very good condition and could be lived in immediately, however, we wanted to change some of the colors. It’s a single story, which is what we wanted and it’s actually a little larger than the house we had in Fallon. It is a 3-bedroom, but it will be a 2-bedroom with an office for us. Once we get in there, I will post some pictures of the inside and outside of the house. We have some photos now that we took during the home inspection, but we’ll have better ones soon. I also plan to fly the drone around the property, which is a little more than one acre, to take some video and pictures. Yes, we have a drone!

We will be painting the living room, dining room, both bedrooms, and the laundry room. We are removing all the carpet and replacing with new carpet in the bedrooms, office, and hallway. The laundry room, kitchen, dining and living rooms will get laminate flooring. There is a ribbon of wall paper (about 8″ wide) around many of the rooms that we will remove before painting. Hopefully removing this won’t be too difficult. Going in, our plan is to take photograph before all of this work, take photos during the work, and then after photos showing how it came out.

The paint on the outside of the house is in pretty good condition, but we want to change the color. This color change won’t happen until next year as we have too much to do this year and the weather will be changing sooner than we think. Some of the fascia is pretty worn and needs paint now, so I plan to get some paint on that this year.

I have a couple of outdoor lights that I am going to change, as well as other things around the outside of the house. We’re going to have to put up at least a temporary fence to give Bella a place to go without us worrying about her getting away. The deck on the front porch needs cleaned and stained. We also have to try to find the corner markers for the property. We already found the southwest one, but that was it. The land is a perfect rectangle of 150′ across the front and back with the depth being 300′, equating to 1.033 acres. North is at top on the aerial view shown.

The woman who owned the home is older and is moving into assisted living. Her daughter lives nearby and was helping out, but I guess it had become too much. The yard and gardens are very nice, but overgrown in many areas due to it being too much for the owner to maintain by herself. It is still very nice, we just have to thin out many shrubs, blackberry bushes, etc.

Check back here for more posts and track how the work is going.

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