Today Was Closing

Today was closing on our house. We moved the RV and ourselves to the grounds of the house, now the work begins! Since arriving in early afternoon, we walked around the property a few times visualizing what we need to trim or totally remove and things we need to do. I installed a new motion sensing security light on our main entry and it’s really lighting up the area.

Before we moved the RV, I got the chain saw out and cut a few limbs that were hanging over the driveway and would not have cleared the RV. Rose took some video of that which I will post later.

In a few rooms of the house, the previous owner had placed a wallpaper border, which we wanted to remove. Tonight, we sprayed on some of the wallpaper remover and the border came off so easy we actually removed it in two of the three rooms. Only the master bedroom remains, and unfortunately we will have to use a ladder for that one.

The previous owners left all appliances, including a washer and dryer, which is great. Rose did a load tonight. It will be nice not having to go to a laundromat.

There were nails and nail holes from pictures and I started patching those today too. Another layer for some of them and I missed some I am sure. There are some of those really big anchors that I am cutting off because removing them will create large holes in the sheetrock. Thank you Dremel tool!

I took all day off from work to move the RV and to get us set up at the house, but it’s back to work tomorrow and Friday for me. More to follow.

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