Ten Days After Closing

I have been remiss for not writing a post sooner, but we are keeping very busy here with painting mostly, cleaning, and cleaning up the yard. I should say that Rose, Juli, and Don have been keeping very busy painting. Without their help, we wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are today. We weren’t originally going to paint any of the ceilings, but upon closer inspection, we decided to do most of them. Don has working very hard at this task and has done a great job. Juli hasn’t been painting ceilings but is doing a lot on the walls. As of this writing, the large living room (26′ x 16′), dining room (15′ x 13′), the hallway to the bedrooms and the office have all been painted with two coats of paint. There is still some cut in along the ceiling and on a couple of walls, but these rooms are mostly done. We still have the office, master and spare bedroom to paint.

Rose has been working on the yard a little at a time, as well as thinning out the many bushes and shrubs that are overgrown. Last Sunday we applied weed and feed on the front lawn due to the hundreds of dandelions present. As of today, I am not sure the weed killer is working as they don’t seem to be dying. Maybe it takes longer than I think. We also have cur down some shrubs completely on the north side of the house that were planted too close to the house and were too big to replant. We have a pretty large pile of cuttings that will need to be reduced.

Today I replaced the porch light on the front of the house. It makes a big difference from the lone bulb that was there. I still need to install another LED security light on the shop which will especially be helpful while we are living in the motorhome. I think there may be an electrical problem in the shop. I have noticed that a charge I have plugged in is often off when I enter the shop. If I cycle the breakers it comes back on, so it could be a breaker. I will have to keep an eye on that and may have to get an electrician here to take a look. We worked all day and into the evening. We finally stopped after 8:30 pm. Since we are so far north, it stays light here very late. Of course come winter, it will stay dark longer.

We have chosen the laminate we are going to install, but we still need to drive to Lumber Liquidators in Tacoma to but and pay for it and bring it back to the house. I calculated today that we have about 855 square feet of laminate to install. We are putting it in the living and dining kitchen and laundry room. The rest will be carpeted with new carpet, but we don’t have an install date on that yet. The carpet installer will not schedule a date until he receives the carpet. It’s probably at least a couple of weeks away.

Last weekend I did take some video with the drone, but because we don’t have internet yet, you won’t see that for another 10-12 days. Our install for Internet is scheduled for August 31st. We are waiting for over three weeks to get the install, which is killing me! The speed we signed up for is 150 MB, which if it lives up to that will be the fastest we have ever had. More to follow on this front after install.

Rose has been doing a much better job of taking pictures of before and after than I have, so she has most of the photos. Without a fast wireless connection, it’s difficult and slow to copy her pictures to me. More pictures will be coming, but until then, here are some of the ones I have to share.

Last weekend we brought both trailers, the ATV, and tractor here from Don and Juli’s house. I am sure they are glad to have back the space we have been using since our arrival in March. There is plenty of room in the back of the house trailers and tractor. I have used the tractor a little to move some dirt around as well as pull down part of an old stump. Once the many blackberries that are ripening are picked, I will use the loader on the tractor to remove some of the blackberry bushes that have overwhelmed the yard. By the way, Bella really likes the blackberries too, and she is smart enough not to stick her nose in those thorny bushes to get them. She waits for us to pick them and give them to her.

Not sure what’s on the agenda for tomorrow, but it will be more painting and yard work, for sure.

When are we going to have the work done and be ready for our furniture (everything is still in Fallon)? It’s hard to say right now. Considering I will be the one mostly installing the flooring and have to work except for weekends, it’s going to take at least a couple of those weekends, once we start. It will go a little faster than the last time I did it because the width of the laminate we picked is over 6″ wide and will fill the area faster. Hopefully the walls are square, otherwise it involves more cutting.