Living Room Flooring Complete

We finished the living room laminate floor on Thursday night, the day before the carpet installers were to arrive. The carpet installers arrived Friday afternoon, as they had scheduled and they did a great job, were neat, and were in and out pretty fast. They were a sub-contractor hired through Home Depot, where we purchased the carpet. Due to the carpet install, we didn’t do anything on Friday evening.

On Saturday we did a little work, but not on the flooring. I installed a Nest Protect smoke alarm/carbon monoxide monitor. This is connected through our WiFi system and will not only sound a siren to make sure anyone in the house is notified, it will also send notifications to both of our phones, should we be out.

Today, we finished the laminate floor in the small hallway, between the living and dining rooms. Next it is on to the dining room and kitchen. We will probably get part way into the dining room, but I really need to get new baseboard and install it before we receive our household goods. It will be so much easier to install when there is nothing in my way. Because I need to get 6-8 16′ sections, we will need to use the trailer to get them. This will save me a lot of joints and the associated splicing, etc.

Rose has called the company in Fallon that helped us move our heavy stuff into the storage bins to see what his price would be to move it up here. We will probably hear something this week.