A Very Busy Day

We were very busy outside today, taking advantage of the great weather. We thinned out some trees in the back and I dug some holes for new trees in the front. Rose still has a lot of plants that need to be planted before Winter arrives and today we made a minor dent in that. She still has to plant some of them, but the holes are dug. We also loaded up all of the old carpet padding and some of the old carpet we removed from the living and dining rooms, and placed it in the pickup for a trip to the dump tomorrow. Rose will take care of this while I am at work.

While there are tons of trees in the area and around our house, the soil really sucks! It has a high clay content and doesn’t seem to be very conducive for growth, but it obviously must be OK. I was reading the other day about the Hood Canal on Wikipedia, and was surprised to learn that it is a Fjord. Wikipedia states that, the “Hood Canal and the rest of Puget Sound were created about 13,000 years ago, during the Late Pleistocene, by the Puget Lobe of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet.” So all of this area was covered by ice not very long ago. I guess all the topsoil and other good dirt got pushed away by the ice. Rose took the picture shown below, just down from our house. Those are the Olympic Mountains of Olympic National Park in the distance, and Hood Canal in the foreground.

As I stated in the previous post, the laminate flooring in the living room is complete as well as the small hallway leading to the dining room. We have stopped there, because I really need to get the baseboard installed before we get our household goods. We are shooting for the weekend of 8-9 October, but this isn’t firm yet. That only gives us this next weekend as well as after work this week and next.

We went to Home Depot yesterday (9/24) and purchased all of the baseboard material, buying 16′ sections for the longest walls so there will be less splicing. After we get all the baseboard in, we will get back to the flooring in the dining room and kitchen. There hasn’t really been too much downtime as we always have something to do.

At the end of last week, I installed our new Nest Thermostat, which is a smart thermostat that learns your routine and adjusts the temperature automatically. We can also control it from our smart phones, from anywhere!