Household Goods Arrive Next Week

Rose has been in contact with “Glenn the Mover” in Fallon over the past couple of weeks, and have set the Columbus Day weekend as when we will receive our household goods. They will start packing on Wednesday at our storage units and will start north as soon as they get everything (we hope) packed. There is the possibility that everything won’t fit in the two rental trucks and in that case, some of it will remain in Fallon, and we will need to make a trip in the Spring.

In order to get as ready as we can be for the delivery, we have been hard at work on the baseboards throughout the house. The goal is to get all of them done because once we receive our furniture and goods there will be less access to the baseboards and it will become much harder. We started on them this past Friday, and as of tonight, Sunday October 2nd, we have all of the baseboards in place except for the dining room and kitchen. Since we don’t have the laminate flooring done yet in these rooms, we can’t install the baseboards yet. We will do the flooring and baseboard for these rooms afterwards. I have 95% of the nail holes patched, but I still need to caulk along the top. I will take care of that over the next few days and in time for the delivery, which we won’t see until Saturday afternoon/evening at the earliest.

This house is slightly larger than the Fallon house, so room won’t be a problem. Where we are going to have a problem is for the garage/shop/shed. In Fallon we had a garage, a shop and two sheds. Here we only have a shop. It’s going to be packed in there until we can do some organizing and probably selling some things.