We’re Unpacking

Our household goods arrived last Friday (10/7), a day earlier than originally planned, but it worked out for the best. The day they arrived was a nice day with no rain. The following day, it rained most of the day, and this is originally when we were to be unloading.

Glenn was originally going to load the goods from three separate storage rooms in Fallon on Thursday morning and maybe get a start on the 833 mile drive to our new home. However, the U-Haul dealer allowed him to get the truck keys on Wednesday, so he was able to fully load both trucks on Wednesday, and start the drive north on Thursday.

We rented two 26 foot U-Hauls for Glenn and his crew to use to drive to Washington. Rose and I couldn’t believe they fit all of our stuff in those two trucks! Glenn, Isaac and Pete packed the trucks well and everything made the trip in great shape. Glenn and his crew are great and we highly recommend them if you need to move anything!

They drove for about 10 hours on Thursday, staying in Oregon for the evening. The drove the remaining six hours on Friday morning arriving here before noon. They had everything unloaded by about 5:00 to 5:30 pm. They work hard and hardly take any breaks. We are very thankful to Glenn and his crew for making this such a positive experience

As I write this on Friday evening, October 14th, we have unpacked a lot already, but there is much more to go. I have the computer set up in the “Computer Room” but it’s a mess with things every where.  I have been unwrapping but not putting much away yet. I can at least maneuver in the room now, which is a big plus. Rose has been busy in the other rooms of the house including our bedroom, the kitchen and living room. The shop is full of boxes and there is still a lot of work there. We worked at it on Sunday, pulling all of the boxes outside and setting up some shelving and loading it with tools, etc. It doesn’t seem like we even made a dent in it!

I got the weather station set up yesterday evening, and we are now reporting weather data to the internet. If you are interested in seeing the weather we are experiencing, follow this link: Serenity-Now WeatherWe are expecting a couple of big storms in the area, starting tonight, so I am interested to see how much rain and wind we receive. They say there are two systems that will be coming through the area which will last into next week.

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