We’re Still Unpacking

It’s been about a month and a half since I last wrote, and while we have most of the boxes gone from within the house, everything is still not put away. The shop is another story, with many boxes still need unpacked and their contents need to find a home. It’s very crowded in the Shop and there isn’t much room for the unpacking process. Remember in Fallon we had a two-car garage, two sheds and a shop. Here we only have a shop which is about 100 square feet larger than the one in Fallon. More work to do.

We did get out the past couple of weekends and venture around the area. Two weeks ago, we crossed the Hood Canal bridge and went over to the Olympic Peninsula where we followed Route 101 south from north of Leland to Shelton, and then back up Route 3 into Bremerton and back home. Of course, Bella came along for the ride too. We took one side trip, up Mt. Walker where we saw a nice rainbow.

This past Friday, November 25th, we took a ride over to the Port Townsend area. Again, we had to cross the Hood Canal bridge, but this time we went north. We skirted the town and went to the tip of the peninsula where Fort Worden State Park is located. The pictures below are mostly from there and this area. We were lucky enough that most of the day was partly cloudy and much nicer than we anticipated. On our way home we stopped at a small local diner where Rose said the clam chowder was some of the best she ever had. Another good adventure and home before dark.

As you can see, we are both doing well, as is Bella. Bella really enjoys being with Rose all day and taking these trips. I’m sure she misses the desert where she could get out and run around, but these trips give her new smells and new places to explore.

For Thanksgiving we were invited to a friend’s house. It was only us and 24 of their family and friends, so it was a good time with plenty of conversation and a lot of food!