First Snow

The first snow of the season fell here on Thursday night (Dec 8th). We awoke on Friday to about 3″ of wet snow, which by Saturday was mostly gone due to the temperature and rain. The extended forecast says there is another chance Sunday and Monday and next Friday. Here are a couple of pictures from the snow.

In the last week or two we have worked in the shop to unpack most of the boxes and made more room to maneuver around. I need to put up another set of shelves and get things off the floor and flat surfaces and start getting everything organized. Actually, my first task needs to be installing more overhead lighting so we can see better in there. I placed one overhead light when we first moved in, but other than that one, there is just a single bulb. I have the four foot LED lights, I just need to hang them. In some cases I will have to do some electrical work to add outlets for them. 

Today we hung the plasma TV on the wall in our bedroom. We have been trying to find a stand for it, but struck out. It is probably safer being attached to the wall, as it is pretty heavy. With our Comcast Cable, we can access the DVR in the living room and watch recorded shows in either room.

Just wanted to write a little note for this week. Talk at you again soon.