Such a Cutie. We named her Luna

These are photos of Luna of the past few days. She has been a great new friend to all of us. She has to keep the cone until this Thursday and then the stitches will be removed.

It’s clear that she has some spunk and will really enjoy going on hikes with Rose and Alicia.

She is sleeping through the night and not exhibiting any bad behaviors as of yet. She isn’t eating a lot but it’s difficult with the cone in her way.

We always have her on a leash when we are outside and we will have to keep it that way. We don’t want her running into traffic by mistake.

The one thing we have learned that she understands is the words out and outside. As soon as you say those words she is up, happy and moving towards the door. These are the only words she has responded to so far.

A great little friend and we’re glad she is part of the family.


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