Still Painting House

We are still painting the house. The south side is completely done. The west side has a few areas that need some touch-up, and the east side will be completed tomorrow. The north side, unfortunately, is kind of on hold due to wood rot that we found a couple of weeks ago. We have a contractor coming tomorrow to take a look and hopefully give us a price. We have to get the rot fixed before we can finish painting that side\. I also have some cutting in around the porch ceiling.

Once we get the rot repaired we will call Lowe’s and have them schedule the gutter install, which is already being paid with their 24 months with no interest.

Rose has done all of the rolling and I have done the cut in\. She really covers a lot of area with that roller and has done a fabulous job.

I found rotted trim pieces around some of the windows and we replaced those. I have two more windows to complete, one I am waiting on until the rot is repaired.

After the painting is done, we have to strip and paint the porch railings that I removed and then reinstall them. Rose wants a new staircase exiting the porch to the north and the side yard\. Hopefully, I will be able to get to that this year before the weather turns bad.

This has been a lot of work for both of us, but worth it—the house looks great!

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