Luna Jumped Out of the Truck!

IMG_0002This morning I received a frantic call from Alicia. She was crying and hard to understand. My first thought was that she had been in an accident. Alicia’s next words were Luna jumped out of the truck. My heart sank thinking she was injured or worse.

Alicia finally was able to tell me she had jumped and hurt her paw. She had not been run over or something terrible. While a hurt leg wasn’t necessarily good, she was at least alive. I got in the car and went to where they were. Luna seemed mostly ok. I said we would just bring her home.

Later in the day Rose and I took her to the pet ER to have her checked out as she was feeling more pain later in the day. The Vet said she didn’t break anything and would be ok. He gave us some meds to help her with the pain.


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