Cape Disappointment and the Pacific Ocean for Christmas

About a week ago, Rose asked what I thought about taking a road trip for Christmas. She was interested in visiting Cape Disappoinment State Park and the light house and other sites there. She called around last week and found a place to stay. Alicia had some time off and we wanted her to come with us. Of course Luna made the trip too.

We awoke Monday to Alicia being sick and not feeling well. Rose said “you’re going” so let’s get the car packed. Unfortunately, Alicia was sick the entire four hour drive as well as in the room. At around 2:00 am Monday night, Rose took her to the emergency room at Ilwaco. They have a very small hospital there with an ER. Alicia got in right away. They put two bags of IV solution into her as she was very dehydrated. The doctor also gave her some medicine for what he said was a viral infection. They returned back to the room around 5:00 am.

Today was Christmas, and we all slept in some since they were out so late. When Alicia woke up she felt 100% better. We left the room around 11:30 am and headed to the Cape Disappointment State Park, which was only a few miles away. To read more about the lighthouse and it’s history click on this link: Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.

We first hiked up to the visitors center, but did not go inside. we really lucked out with the weather–it was about 50° and partly cloudy. That’s very good and rare weather this time of year. From near the visitor center we could see and photograph the lighthouse and the ocean. From there we worked our way to Dead Man’s Cove where we took more pictures and let Luna run on the beach. It was slippery and somewhat precarious getting down to the cove as well as getting back up. We all made it safely back to the trail and continued to the lighthouse. We walked up to the lighthouse and took more pictures of it and the ocean, and read some displays discussing the sand bars that are formed at the mouth of the Columbia River which is just to the south.

We walked mostly downhill from the lighthouse back to the parking lot. We loaded up and headed to Waikiki Beach. No, not that one, but the one in Washington in the Park. We spent about an hour there taking pictures and watching the large waves crash against the jetty and the bluffs. We departed just before sunset and headed back to the motel.

It was a fantastic day that we spent outside walking and enjoying the sites. It was a great Christmas and one that we will all remember.

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