Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Podcast

There are a few podcasts I listen to every week, and those include TWiT (This Week in Tech) by Leo Laporte, and MacBreak Weekly, also hosted by Leo and on the TWiT network. All of the TWiT podcasts come in many formats and you can choose whichever you desire. Other podcasts on the TWiT network that I listen too are Triangulation, This Week in Google, The Screen Savers, and iOS Today. Check them out.

A few months ago I was looking around on my podcast app, PocketCasts (available for iOS and Android). I found a podcast called Hardcore History by Dan Carlin and thought it might be interesting. I downloaded many of the shows but didn’t listen to them right away. Around November, I looked more into the shows and decided to start listening to “Blueprint for Armageddon” which was a multipart series. If I would have opened the episode and read more, I would have realized that it was about World War I, but I didn’t. I started listening, and Dan had me drew me in. It was mesmerizing. Each of these episodes were hours in length, and they made the drive to and from work fly by as I was learning history. In total there are six episodes that total 22 hours and 7 minutes.

If high school history would have been this interesting it would have opened an entirely new world. I never remember learning how terrible that the War was and its importance in our history. Each episode I listened to made me want more and I couldn’t wait until I was back in the car and listening. My commute is about 35 minutes each way, so I got a little more than an hour of listening each day. I even listened to some while doing things around the house.

Because these episodes were so interesting to me and opened me up to World War I history, I purchased a book and am reading that now.

Since finishing the six-episodes of “Blueprint for Armageddon”, I have also listened to “The Destroyer of Worlds” which concerns nuclear weaponry. This episode is just shy of six hours and is also mesmerizing. I love the way Dan tells the story.

There is only one short “commercial” during an episode that asks that you go to Dan’s site and pay a buck for an episode or whatever you think it is worth. Because I have enjoyed his stuff so much, I went on and donated him $20 for the great content he has created. I recommend you give it a listen, and if you feel the same way I did, please donate so Dan will create more top notch stuff.

I have also started listening to his other podcasts: “Common Sense” and “Hardcore History Addendum“. They are both worth a listen too.

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