From the Darkness, There Will be (More) Light

If you have read my earlier post (Dec 2020) that discusses living at a high latitude, you know that the amount of daylight here in the Pacific North West varies widely throughout the year.

Also, if you look at the latest weather data (Jan 2022) you will know that we get the majority of our rain in the months November through February. During these months with less daylight and more rain, it’s easy to get a little down or depressed.

The good news is that it doesn’t last long and the remaining months are very nice with daylight increasing to over 16 hours around the middle of June.

The tilt of the earth causes the seasons as well as is responsible for the varying amount of daylight

While the shortest amount of daylight is on the Winter solstice, December 21st, every day after that until the Summer solstice on June 21st the amount of daylight increases.

Here are some milestones that I am looking forward to in the coming months:

  • Jan 26th: first sunset after 5:00 pm (5:01:19 pm)
  • Mar 5th: first sunset after 6:00 pm (6:00:49 pm)
  • Mar 13th: first sunset after 7:00 pm (7:12:38 pm)
  • Apr 15th: first sunset after 8:00 pm (8:00:20 pm)
  • May 31st: first sunset after 9:00 pm (9:00:19 pm)
  • Jun 15th/16th: earliest sunrise of the year at 5:10:40 am
  • Jun 20th/21st: longest amount of daylight of the year at 16h 01m 45s
  • Jun 26th: latest sunset of the year at 9:13:32 pm

After June 21st, things start to go back the other way, with each successive day having less daylight. And so the cycle continues.

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