COVID Is Still With Us

Over two years from my last post about COVID and almost three years since the lockdown, COVID is responsible for 1.1 million deaths.

Since the vaccine was created and provided the number of deaths has significantly been reduced, but there are still an average of 390 deaths per 7-day period as of 4 January 2023.

COVID Deaths as of Feb 3, 2023

Rose and I have been fortunate in that neither of us has contracted COVID at this point. We are proactive in our vaccinations and boosters and have both doses of the vaccine and all three booster shots. My 96-year-old father recently had COVID, but came through it remarkably well. He had no respiratory problems, but it did make him weaker. My brother also had it at one point and was sick with a fever for a few days.

It’s sad that only 33% of the U.S. has had both vaccinations and at least one booster. The vaccinations and the boosters are free and easy to get, and if all would have received them, the amount of COVID in our country would have been greatly reduced.

Based on the weekly average of deaths, that will be another 142,000 deaths in the next year. Again, this could be greatly reduced if more would get the vaccinations and booster shots.

I think this is going to be with us for a long time. For the foreseeable future I think we will have to get a yearly vaccination like we currently do for the flu.

Stay safe and COVID free.

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