Hurricane Ridge Today

Today we travelled to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park to take our Christmas photo that had snow in the background. There was about 10” of new snow and we took a bunch of pictures to consider for the card. This year instead of ordering the cards online having them printed and then sending, we … Continue reading Hurricane Ridge Today

Luna Jumped Out of the Truck!

This morning I received a frantic call from Alicia. She was crying and hard to understand. My first thought was that she had been in an accident. Alicia’s next words were Luna jumped out of the truck. My heart sank thinking she was injured or worse. Alicia finally was able to tell me she had jumped … Continue reading Luna Jumped Out of the Truck!

Wood Rot Finally Repaired

The workers from Sentinel Construction showed up this past Wednesday and by noon on Friday had made the required repairs. On Saturday and Sunday, Rose and I painted the replaced wood and made it match the rest of the house\. We have been fortunate that it has been sunny since they started and is forecast … Continue reading Wood Rot Finally Repaired