Cascadia’s Fault

Cascadia's Fault
Title: Cascadia's Fault
Published: 2012-04
Page Count: 372
ISBN: 1582438242
Includes a new Afterword by the author on the 2011 Japan Earthquake, the lessons learned, and the parallel threat to North America. A new study just published by the US Geological Survey confirms and underlines many of the issued raised in the first edition of Cascadia's Fault.   There is a crack in the earth's crust that runs roughly 31 miles offshore, approximately 683 miles from Northern California up through Vancouver Island off the coast of British Columbia. The…

I read this book in March 2016, just as we were moving from Nevada to the Pacific Northwest. It’s kind of a funny story how I heard about it, but once I read it I didn’t think it was as funny!

At my farewell in Fallon, a friend, Gary Smith, came up to me at the end as asked if I had read “Cascadia’s Fault”. I didn’t know what that was and I said no. He said it was a book and one that I really needed to read before living in the Northwest. Not long after that, I went onto Amazon to look for it and then read a synopsis. I thought “Great, now I have to worry about a tsunami”. I downloaded the book on my phone, which is where I read all of my books. I like to have the books with me wherever I go, and since the phone is usually always with me, this is the best bet. I can also download it onto other electronic devices and it will even sync among them.

I read this book quickly as it was very interesting. It made me think of the new environment we were going to be living in. As we were looking around for housing I was always thinking how much above sea level are we here. As it ends up we are not far from the Hood Canal, but this will provide a buffer should this fault slip. The coast will be devastated in a large event, but hopefully, the power will dissipate into the canal and Puget Sound. The Hood Canal is just across the street from us, but we are about 100 feet above it. Hopefully, this will be enough height!

I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone living in this area or anyone that likes geology and science.

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