RT @UberFacts: Sarcasm can improve creativity.
RT @TeamJuJu: Man, look, I’m 6’2! This pic did me dirty! Makes me look 5’6! 😂😂 Shoutout to Big Al Villanueva, absolute monster on the OL! F…
RT @HistoryLink: 10 years ago today, antinuclear peace activists broke into the Bangor nuclear-submarine base. http…
RT @UberFacts: "Now That’s What I Call Music!" is still around and currently on its 71st volume.
RT @UberFacts: While sound can disrupt our sleep, scent cannot. You can't rely on your sense of smell to wake you up in the event of a hou…
RT @UberFacts: If you were to dig a tunnel straight through Earth and drop an object in, it would take 42.2 minutes for it to get to the ot…
First security key with Lightning and USB-C simplifies 2-factor authentication. A great way to improve security.
It’s Bleier, sorry Rocky! Be sure to watch the special on ESPN2 on 20 Aug titled “The Return” featuring this 4-time Super Bowl Champion.
My brother took my Dad to a Steeler Camp luncheon where he got to meet Rocky Blier. Dad is now 93!