RT @MichaelSteele: After that Trump exchange with @Yamiche my head hurts. Then going after @JDiamond1 from @CNN (after he handed the mic ba…
RT @UberFacts: The art of avoiding certain tasks by pretending you don't know how to do them is called "strategic incompetence."
RT @FINALLEVEL: ICE Cold Fact: It’s times like these where you really find out who’s who.
RT @FINALLEVEL: I’ve personally noticed that there’s a lot less Trolls on Twitter since the Quarantine.. Do those MFs Troll from an office?…
Exponential growth and epidemics via @YouTube
How Soon Will COVID-19 Peak? (And How To Tell) via @YouTube
RT @MrGeorgeWallace: Yo' momma's so stupid she dismantled the pandemic response team in April of 2018.
RT @UberFacts: The temperature in Antarctica was nearly 65˚ F yesterday, the hottest temperature ever recorded.