RT @BeschlossDC: United States Navy established (as Continental Navy) today 1775:
Got in on the @scrintal early access plan. The plan opened at noon CET. I am on the west coast of the US which is a nine hour time difference, making it 3:00 am here. I happened to wake up at 3:10 am so went online to sign up and was the 786th to do so. Now time to learn more.
RT @UberFacts: NASA has captured the clearest pictures of Neptune's rings in more than 30 years
RT @UberFacts: Only five Olympic athletes have ever won more than eight gold medals; four of them hold nine gold medals Michael Phelps hol…
Received newest COVID Booster today along with my flu shot. 💉
RT @NOAA: (1 of 5) Just in: Earth had its sixth-warmest #August on record, and its sixth-warmest June-August period on record. August wa…

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